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who we are

We solve business problems of today, with the technology of tomorrow.

Our expert team of technology consultants, strategists, cloud architects and product professionals, help companies in North America build for the future.
With our people-first approach, we collaborate with our clients to build technology solutions that scale with their business and enrich the lives of their customers.
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Our mission

We're made up of talented individuals who believe in the possibilities that exist at the edge of technology and business. The Redhills Group helps businesses confront technological challenges and digital transformation initiatives head on. While the goal is to take your project from vision to reality, our mission is:
  • To build trust with our clients by delivering speed and quality products.
  • To collaborate and inspire innovation in the way people connect to the world.
  • To reimagine what’s possible with modern technology.

We work agile, as an integral member of your team, from the discovery phase to delivery day, to ensure the sustainable transition for each project. We are guided by the core values we set for ourselves which reminds us to tell the truth, even when its hard; to focus on the outcome, not just technology; and to provide the most value to our clients, always. These defining principles are a strong part of our focused-on-people approach.

Behind all these initiatives are the systems and infrastructure powered by people because what good is technology without the people we help.

- Jhonelle Brown, Principal Consultant

Why choose our team?

Faced with increasing challenges, organizations must move quickly to meet new customer, employee and industry demands while addressing complex regulatory mandates and heightened security threats. We know that technological initiatives are at the forefront of digital transformation. To overcome these challenges and we partner with you build better outcomes.

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